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Weeks 10 & 11: 6th – 17th December

Hello everyone, it’s me again! I’ve been pretty busy the last two weeks. On the day this post will be published it will be the last day of term! The Art School is closing for Christmas and so I have had to resolve my painting for this semester. Even with the painting out the way though, don’t be fooled into thinking I can relax just yet! But more about that later, let’s get into it!

I completed three final paintings over the last two weeks and they have reached a point I am very happy with. These last three are all my personal interpretations of my source material, which they are titled after. I also used photoshop for experimentation with all three paintings – it’s just so convenient to try things out with it and to create ideas and inspiration for me to use back in the studio.

I do really think I’ve reached a good point at the end of this semester and my final three paintings (part of my astronomical series) represent all I’ve learnt and how much my process and ideas have developed. I did experiment with Milhazes’ paint collage technique but I personally found it temperamental; surprise, surprise when I tried to use it on may painting it didn’t work very well, so I think I’ll leave that idea behind.

I am happy with all three of my final paintings, and I love the depth all the various layers of paint give them.

Besides painting, I’ve been very busy working on my presentation that I have to produce. Unfortunately, it’s currently 5 minutes too long, but this could turn out for the better as I’ll have to improve my ability to talk about my art in a more concise way... I tend to ramble… I’ve been really enjoying writing it though, I like analysing my work and finding connections and new ideas. I think I enjoy writing about it so much because I get to explain everything I love about paint and painting.

I may have finished painting for now, but I am super excited (and terrified) for next term. I have a lot of ideas that I will talk about another time, but I am excited to see which of these avenues will end up being explored (if any) and what direction my work will go in next. I find it best not to force my painting and just let it become whatever it needs to be.

A short blog post for today, but to finish, here is my completed body of work from this semester which is split into too separate series. Play Time and Astronomical.

I’ll see you in the next one.


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