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Week 14: The End

Hello again friends. This is the last blog post I will ever write for my degree, it’s a little emotional to be honest. This is not the last blog I will write ever though. I will take a small break after this, and then it will be back to my usual biweekly blogs (hopefully) or at least once a month depending on how the summer goes! The last week has been all about submitting work, and building and painting the exhibition space. Next week; hanging!

Building the space has been fun but unexpectedly exhausting. I do love a bit of DIY; I love to build and make stuff and attempt to do things that may or may not be beyond my skill to do. The point is, I love to give things a try! As per my usual form, I injured myself within the first 10 minutes of working in the space and had to get a plaster because my finger wouldn’t stop bleeding – I neither wanted to get blood on the nice white boards or get dirt and dust into my nice open wound. Fun times!

I went back to my space this morning to give my section of wall a once over and check that nothing needed touching up. I am very pleased to say I was very satisfied with how it looked and simply gave the floor beneath it a sweep to make it nice and clean. All done.

I’m so excited to actually hang the work on the walls next week, and cannot wait to see what everyone else puts up too! It’s going to be a fab exhibition and I’m excited for people to see it.

My real aim for this exhibition is to show off the wonder and excitement of space and art. Getting a bit of wonder back into your life makes life so much happier and fuller, learning to fully appreciate our universe and our world and how miraculous it is to even be alive.

I want to engage you in astronomy, showing its excitement and mystery. You do not need a science degree to explore and enjoy it. I also want to engage you in art, especially abstract art. Paint has so much potential to create such a wonderful variety of shapes, patterns, textures and colours. By shutting yourself off from abstract art, you shut yourself off from powerful worlds of emotion and possibility; worlds unique to your mind and only bound by the limits of your imagination.

I want my corner of the exhibition to be an experience, drawing you in and enveloping you in a world of power and mystery and colour. I want to make you curious and inspired, and to show you how very natural and human, art and science are. They are for everyone and inside everyone.

I want to show my own potential and passion. I want to show you myself.

I don’t know exactly when I am next going to post, but I think I deserve a bit of a break. I'm so proud of everything I've achieved these last three years though, and honestly don't think I could have done any more. I poured my heart and soul into my work and I hope that comes through in it. There is no more I can do now other than look forward to all the space and art filled adventures to come.

Stay creative and curious, my friends, and I’ll see you in the next one.

Anna xx

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