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Week 12: Easter Holidays

Hello again friends! It’s been a minute since I last posted, but I’ve been busy! (But also making sure to schedule in that all important rest time.) Whether you are in education and had an Easter holiday, just had the Easter weekend off or didn’t have any break at all, I hope the last three weeks have treated you well.

Since we last were in each other’s company, I have completed my suite of four works.

Here are the three I have with me at home currently in this order from left to right: Orion Nebula, Pillars of Creation, Ant Nebula.

I’m very happy these and did enjoy doing something a bit different, but my heart still truly lies with my big acrylic paintings. It was strange to be working so small and my brushes never seemed small enough – you can put in so much more detail into larger pieces, so it was a nice challenge to have to suggest details rather than put them wholly in as I would have done were the paintings larger.

The one I like most is the Ant Nebula, and the one I like least is the Pillars of Creation. The Ant Nebula is just so simple, I think it’s really striking as an image. I don’t hate the Pillars of Creation painting, I just find that with an image of that much detail, I am never satisfied. I could probably have worked and reworked it forever, but a certain amount of the skill in painting is knowing when to stop. The painting reached a point where working on it further had greater risks to it than rewards. There is always something that could be tweaked on any painting, but perfection will simply never be reached (partially because of a tendency to overcriticize your own work).

I have also started to put my PowerPoint portfolio together. It is better to start on it now than potentially have to rush it at the end. Other than that, I also have been chipping away at my essay! As of this morning, I have completed my first draft, and honestly, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I just want to do myself justice. The word count is currently 1528 words over, but I’d rather have to cut down than fill out words. It also means that I can really refine it to what is most absolutely relevant. I want to do it well because I want a good mark, but I also want it to really explain to the people marking, why I do what I do. Well, all I can do is my best, and the universe can decide the rest.

I am excited by the prospect of a masters because I simple do not feel like I can, or should, stop here with my work. There is so much more to explore and the subjects of Art, Astronomy and Experience have so much more to give. I feel like this degree show really is just the beginning of something really exciting.

Speaking of the degree show, there is plenty for me to do when term starts again next week. For one thing I want to neaten up the edges of my paintings, and for another I think they could benefit from some kind of varnishing/finishing. I want to see if there is a possible alternative to varnish I could use, as I did have varnish ruin a painting once – it was mainly due to the temperature of the room it was drying in, so it should be less of an issue now the weather has warmed up, but it is still a concern as the weather is beyond my control.

Sadly, I will not have time to experiment with my alternative diptych idea now, as the coming week will be focused on finishing up paintings for display, essay writing and PowerPoint making. (Not to mention trying not to be completely panicked over how near the end I am!!)

I hope you all have a lovely week, stay curious and creative, and I’ll see you in the next one!


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