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Anna Curston - Artist 

Anna and sunset.jpeg

I am an abstract painter and space artist, working predominantly with acrylic paint on wood and canvas. My work is a celebration of my passions, bringing together the realms of astronomy and painting. It explores the scientific concepts of astronomy, along with my personal feelings towards the subject, while simultaneously being a vessel in which I can play and experiment with paint. The overarching themes that guide and govern my art practice are: Order and Chaos, Logic and Creativity, Curiosity and Playfulness. My work as whole is all about bridging the apparent gap between the two subjects and inspiring people to get excited about both, not only in their own rights but, together.

My process is one of research, reimagining and experimentation, combining my understanding of art and composition with research into astronomy, and then with the chaos of the paint I so dearly love to use.

My paintings are a place where I can be wholly myself and I can pursue both my passions at once. They are an environment free from judgement or fear where you can do and be absolutely anything; free from the boundaries of other people’s opinions and expectations.

Born in Norfolk, I was accustomed to dark, clear skies growing up, and spent much of my time looking up at the stars - even saving up to buy my own telescope. Seeing Saturn for the first time through my telescope with it's beautiful rings is an experience I will never forget. 

I came to university originally to study Astrophysics, but a lack of confidence temporarily made me fall out of love with astronomy and I switched to Fine Art. The subject switch did wonders for my confidence and now not only have I rediscovered my love for the stars, but I am using my paintings as a way to delve deeper into the subject and, I hope, inspire others to discover the wonder and joy of space too.

I hope you'll stick around so we can enjoy the joys of art and astronomy together. I post regular blogs on here (usually at least bi-weekly) and you can enjoy more regular updates by following the link below to my Instagram account! 

Art and Science are for everyone.


BA (Hons) Fine Art (1st), 2019 - 2022

Aberystwyth School of Art


Undergraduate Degree Show  - 2022

Aberystwyth School of Art

Portalis - group show - 2023

Nottingham Contemporary (in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University)

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