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Things I'd Like to Achieve Over Summer

Hello once again my friends, I hope the last two weeks have been good to you. It’s been a pretty busy two weeks for me and I’ve started my Draw/Paint Everyday challenge. I’ve done a fair amount although I’ve had to take a small step back from it the last couple of days as I’ve just been a little too busy – I fully intend (and expect) to continue with it as consistently as possible from now on however.

For today’s blog, I thought it would be fun to do a ‘What I Want to Achieve Over Summer’ list which I can then look back on at the end of the holidays and review how much of it I’ve actually done. So without further ado, let’s get started!

  • Achieve a visible improvement in my observational drawing/ painting.

This one is a big one as, although my drawings from life may be recognisable as what they are, they are not very accurate at the moment. Improving this skill will benefit me in regards to my university course and in my art practice in general.

  • Continue to develop my abstract paintings.

This one is again to help me transition back into term time more smoothly in September but also simply because I love to paint and want to improve and explore!

  • To get a job and save money!

This one I am very happy to say I am well on the way to doing as this week was my first week at work! The next step is to consistently save money. I want to save money for a few reasons…

  1. So I can buy cradled boards for my third-year paintings – I just love how professional they look and prefer them as a surface to paint on compared to canvas. They are more expensive upfront than the mdf boards I have been using so having a little extra in my pocket to help take the hit cost wise will be very helpful!

  2. I also want to do a masters so I’ll need to save up for that so I don’t have to work during it.

  3. So I have a little bit of leeway in terms of finishing my degree and not needing to find a job immediately (assuming I don’t end up staying at my job throughout the whole term). It will also help me finance my art until I can hopefully at some point switch to being a full-time artist.

  4. Also in general it just seems good sense. Life happens and it’s good to have a safety net for emergencies as well as just having some extra cash for trips and treats and general life and adulting stuff that tends to cost a fair amount of money.

  • Visit at least 2 exhibitions.

There are a few galleries and exhibitions I have my eyes on this summer, so I really hope I’ll manage to make my way to at least a couple. I want to collect post cards and business cards for inspiration and to remind me of artists I’ve come across and really like. Also there just really is nothing like seeing great art in person – artworks just rarely come across as well in photos.

  • To open my online store.

I mentioned this in my last post and it should hopefully be up soon. My new job will help me support this so keep your eyes peeled for news!

  • To keep up a bit of a routine

This one is simply because I’ve found I’m happier and more productive with a fairly regular routine.

  • Relax and be happy!

Honestly, I strongly believe in the importance of taking the time out to have break from any form of work and just fully relaxing. For me personally it just makes my so much happier and vastly more productive when I then go back to working because I’m fully rested and rejuvenated.

That’s everything I want to achieve over summer, below are some the drawings and paintings I’ve done so far for my observation practice.

Stay happy, healthy and creative, and I’ll see you in the next one!

Anna x

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