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Getting Stuff Done

Hello everyone! I haven't got that much art done over the past fortnight, but I have got some done and that's all that matters. We all have phases of being more productive and others of needing more rest, and that's okay. With new beginnings and changing seasons, we sometimes just need a little time to readjust our routine and take a little time out for just ourselves. No one gets much done when they're dead on their feet. Always remember to give yourself a rest and a chance to recharge; even if all you can manage is half a day, or a refreshing walk and early night, you'll feel so much better for it and probably end up getting far more done once you go back to work.

With starting my job, I've felt very tired and thus pretty unmotivated to do art. As much as art is my passion, it still takes effort and brain power, so the last thing I've been wanting to do when I get back from work is do more work. Similarly, I haven't been all that eager to fill my rest time with more work either. As I write this though, I really feel hopeful that I'm starting to get into the swing of things now and that some form of a routine will soon follow. Getting a little work done despite my exhaustion also gives me hope as some is always better than nothing, and if I can get some done even now, then keeping this up long term over the summer seems much more likely.

I started another abstract piece a week or so ago, and I've been working on it further this week. If I deem the end product good enough quality I will put it up in my gallery on this website. If not, you'll still be able to find it on my Instagram account (a progress photo is up on it now).

The composition of my new piece started life as a sketch of the view from my bedroom window - I looked out of it one evening and it was like I was seeing it for the first time. The interesting overlapping shapes of the roof tops and chimneys really inspired me. I then loosely painted the composition onto paper along the word 'rooftops' on a separate sheet. I cut up the words into sections and collaged it onto the other image. This composition I then simplified in my sketchbook and has now begun it's journey in paint.

One of the things I find exciting about painting (and yet used to be my fear) is the unknown destination. The paint itself sparks new inspiration as I put it on my surface and it's exciting knowing that something completely unexpected could appear in the composition as I go. I used to think I had to stick to my initial vision/ idea; if I strayed from it then I had failed... Realising I could veer off any which way I like from my starting point to create something entirely new has given my painting process so much more joy and freedom for me. I know it sounds dramatic, but it changed everything.

If you are looking into exploring your own creativity, I encourage you not to cling on too tightly to your 'ideas'. Don't get me wrong, this should not detract from you developing an accurate eye and the capability to draw accurately what you see in front of you, but you must not be afraid to roll where the artwork takes you. If you start with an apple but you begin to see a face emerging, go with it! It's all part of exploring and experimenting and developing. Sometimes an accidental splodge or spill can birth something entirely new in an image, but you have to be brave enough to use it. Some of my favourite parts of my paintings have begun as happy accidents!

That's all for today's blog, I hope you all have a good week and remember to stay creative!

See you next time.


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