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A Long Break

The title of this blog is twofold. Firstly, you might have noticed my absence – life decided to do its thing, and first I didn’t feel like blogging and then I simply did not have the time (obviously my work had to come first). Secondly, the term has now officially ended!! I can’t believe it. I’m really going to miss Uni over the summer but I fully intend to carry on painting and hopefully I’ll get the chance to go to some galleries too!

Honestly, it’s been a strange couple of months; full of stress and sadness and lots and lots of art. It’s funny when you feel disconnected from the thing that usually lifts or calms your mood. The world doesn’t stop turning though, life goes on; even if it feels forced to begin with you have to find a way to carry on too. Art soon became my safe place again.

I submitted the last of my work on Tuesday. First it was relief. Then it was anxiety – will it all be enough? Despite all that had happened as the semester was drawing to a close (especially because of it) I do feel as though I really gave everything I had to my work and I dearly hope that the effort and love that went into my work is obvious when it is being marked. Whatever happens though, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. Now I’ve just got to figure out what to do with myself over the long break ahead.

I am now back. I will be posting blogs again regularly – at least once a fortnight – and they will be up on my website by Friday of the posting week. (Some will be up earlier like this one, but always by Friday.) I’m also going to attempt to draw and/or paint everyday from tomorrow (Friday 21st May). I really want to improve my observation so these drawings and paintings will mostly be of simple objects although I also still intend to continue with my abstract explorations alongside. Work doesn’t stop at the end of term for me because, although art is work, I simply love it too much to have so many months apart from it. If you want to keep up to date on my drawing/painting everyday ‘challenge’ then please check out my Instagram where I will be posting what I’ve been up to both on my story and in feed posts.

I’m hoping to soon open up my store on this website so please keep your eyes peeled for that. It should be live within the next month if all goes to plan but I will tell you more when I have it more planned out.

I went to the final year exhibition at the Art School today and honestly, I was blown away by the quality of the work on show. If I had the money, there would have multiple I would have been very interested in purchasing. Alas, maybe another time. I’m so happy for this year’s 3rd years to actually be able to do their degree show and I hope they’re all so proud of themselves. The experience has got me super excited for my turn next year. I can’t wait to not only be able to put my work up on a wall, but also be able to see all my classmates work up along side it. I’d be lying if I said it isn’t also daunting, especially with this year's standard to live up to, but it’s going to be such an amazing and exciting experience.

After a lot of sunny weather, the rain has finally remembered Wales again. After so much hard work though, there’s something very comforting about being able to stay in and snuggle with warm drinks and listen to the wind and rain outside. I was going to start my draw everyday challenge today, but after an intense term I think I both need and deserve to take today to just relax, listen to the rain and not really do anything (apart from write this blog).

Whatever the weather is doing where you are, I hope you are all happy, healthy and safe. Remember to stay creative (or maybe start, it’s never too late!) and I’ll see you in the next one!


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