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26th November 2022

It is once again time for me to write another blog post. I feel like a writing machine today, I’ve been working on four different things! I’m feeling more motivated to write – and do stuff in general – today, and I have a feeling it has a lot to do with me letting myself sleep in, the last few days. I’ve just been so exhausted that even when I try to do work, not much happens. I don’t work well when I’m tired.

I am very happy to announce that I have finally got a completed painting! The first one of my Masters course! The title is still a work in progress, I haven’t quite settled on one… But it will have something to do with nuclear fusion. This painting has given me a big confidence boost. It is my first attempt in over a year to do a ‘full colour’ painting – the colour schemes for my degree show work were all based on a single colour. I find that, as much as I love it, colour can be quite intimidating as it can make or break a painting. The colour scheme has the power to say a lot if used correctly, as such, my use of colour will most likely always be something I’m trying to improve upon. This painting is also the first one I’ve done with communication with scientists; discussing ideas and the science behind painting. That is an exciting positive to take away from this painting too.

I’m happy with how much less I relied on white in this painting, using other methods to create contrast, direct the eye around the image and give a focal point. This isn’t to say that I can’t or won’t use white for these things anymore, just that a wider skillset will help open up the opportunity to pick and choose what feels most appropriate in the context of whatever painting I am working on (and essentially just help me to continue to improve). It’s all about increasing my painting vocabulary.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been writing alongside painting, and as this painting has reached its end, the explanation part of that piece of writing has also reached its end… It is not done, however. The process part of the writing was just one section. I still need to write an introduction, abstract, conclusion, appendix and work on the discussion section (these are not in order..) Included in the discussion section, I'm looking to include some results from a survey I’m currently working on. Clearly, there is much still to be done on this piece of writing, but I’m feeling optimistic.

The conclusion of a painting means it’s time to look forwards to the next. Unlike the last painting which was painted on a shop bought, metre squared canvas, the new one is a 1.2 metres squared canvas that I have made myself - and am currently in the process of priming. While that slow process is carried out however, there is much more I need to prepare that can fill the time. A colour scheme needs to be considered, a composition needs to be settled on, and research needs to be done around the topic. On top of that, I have started to set the groundwork for the next accompanying piece of writing.

As much as all this is very exciting and positive, I do feel a little snowed under at present. I feel like I have to-do lists coming out my ears and for every one thing I tick off, I have to add on three more. I feel like I will never be done playing catchup from the start of term, and the more I try to get done, the more tired I get, and so the less productive I am, so the less I get done, so the more I have left to do. It is a vicious cycle. I have no time. On the plus side, the Module That Must Not Be Named will be 99% over by this time next week so that may hopefully open up a tiny bit more time for me. I can dream.

I will go into my day off tomorrow feel happy though. I have done a lot of good work today and have at least a clearer idea of what needs to get done and when. I will most likely feel stressed all the way through Christmas, but perhaps the new year will bring a bit more breathing space. Fingers Crossed.

Stay curious and creative, and I’ll see you next time.


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