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22nd May 2022: After

Hello friends. My degree is over and I am waiting anxiously for my results. I just hope that I have done myself justice. I know what grade I really want, but as long as I get the grade I need to get onto my masters, then that is all that really matters. Good grades are nice, but they only mean so much. They aren't everything.

I’m currently house hunting and preparing for my move to Nottingham which is very, very stressful. It’s hard to plan far ahead when you don’t even know exactly when or where you are moving to, but I’m sure it will all be okay in the end. As such, I won’t really be doing much art related stuff in the short term as I need to actually move, and then get settled etc. in the new place too. I’m pretty anxious to be honest, I don’t like noise and I’m not a huge fan of towns and cities either. I like the quiet, calm and countryside. But needs must!

I am hoping to launch the shop on my website in the next few weeks! I know I promised to open it a year ago, but sometimes other things have to take precedent. I have many limiting factors with opening it, including time and money. For example, I am currently not in a financial situation where I can order a bulk number of prints on the off chance they sell. This means I have to get them printed to order which will cost a lot more. This limits not only the price I can sell them for, but also significantly reduces the profit I can receive from each print. It isn’t ideal, but it is what it is. I am left with the difficult choice between keeping the price reasonable and making sure I get paid for my hard work; I hope I will be able to find an appropriate median that keeps everyone fairly happy. I will also be putting some of my original paintings up for sale, but I appreciate that not everyone, especially in this current climate, can afford to invest in something like that.

While stress levels are high, I am so happy to say that the degree show looks amazing! It’s such an amazing feeling to have my artwork up in a gallery setting and it is surrounded by so much other talent too. If you live in the area and get a chance then I really do recommend going to see it. It is on at Aberystwyth School of Art until Thursday 26th May (10am to 5pm)!

I don’t know whether I’ll be back to painting before term starts in September, but I will hopefully be sketching and exploring ideas once everything has settled down a bit, and be back with another blog post soon!

For those who don't follow me on social media, I have also (finally) updated my gallery to include my most recent works.

Stay creative and curious, and I’ll see you next time!


(P.S. did you see the new image of Sagittarius A*?? If not, go google it! It’s so exciting that we’ve finally managed to image our galaxy's very own supermassive black hole!)

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