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Summer Goals Review

Hey friends! As you might recall, back on June 3rd, I set out a list of things I wanted to achieve this summer. For today’s blog, I want to look back on all those goals and see how many of them I’ve done and if there are any that still need work or I think I’m unlikely to manage to realistically do anymore. So, without further ado, lets jump right in!

1. Achieve a visible improvement in my observational drawing/painting.

Well, I’m super happy to start with a confident YES! There is still more to be done and the summer isn’t over yet, but I feel really positive about this one. Especially in my painting from life I see much improvement as well as feel more confident. Perhaps more progress could have been made with both if I’d been a little more consistent, but sometimes life just happens and I certainly don’t regret trying to take time for myself when needed to relax – it is the holidays after all!

2. Continue to develop my abstract paintings!

This one is another I can tick off. I’ve only done three and the third is still in progress currently, but I’ve really enjoyed playing around with techniques and ideas that I didn’t have time to experiment with last term – and can’t wait to get back to uni to do even more and learn even more!

3. To get a job and save money!

This one is both a yes and no… I did get a job, and did save some money, but I quit that job fairly quickly. I still saved up enough to just about get me through summer while working, but that money will all be gone by the start of term so whether I really ‘saved’ I’ll let you decide for yourself. Either way, I have no regrets quitting my job. It gave me experience and also taught me which industry I want to avoid at all costs if I can at all help it when looking for a job next time. I was very lucky that I was in a position where I could prioritise my happiness, because to me that is the most important thing in life.

4. Visit at least 2 exhibitions.

This one I have achieved, although not in the way I expected/intended. I went to see Dippy the diplodocus on tour in Norwich Cathedral. As part of the exhibit, there was a commissioned installation of a wave of fish that you could walk through – it was really beautiful and also had a climate message behind it ( as did the hole exhibition). It was a great trip! (I also went around Norwich and followed a bit of the GoGo Dinosaur trail which was fun – each dinosaur was painted by a different artist of group.)

While in Norwich I also stumbled across a small exhibition by a local artist in the Forum where I collected some postcards of his work to put in my little visual inspiration diary/scrapbook.

I must of course not forget the graduate exhibition I visited as well at the very start of this summer! There was so much amazing talent on display, I hope they all go on to achieve great things!

As much as I’ve definitely visited exhibitions and seen some wonderful art, I’m a little rueful that I never made it to London to visit one of the big galleries there. I won’t make it there now, although there is a Cezanne exhibition at the Tate Modern in 2022 that I absolutely must go see when it’s on. Hopefully I’ll get down there before then, but this summer at least it is not really viable.

5. To open my online store.

Sadly, I never did this. With my job taking up all my time and energy it wasn’t practical and then when I quit my job, I just didn’t think it was a good idea financially. I will open it; the timing just hasn’t been right.

6. To keep up a bit of a routine.

I have been doing this on and off. When it’s worked it’s been great, but sometimes life makes it hard to sustain. That being said, I’m making a real effort from now on to really get back into it so I’m ready for the start of term. It is important to me to start the term off feeling refreshed, motivated and most importantly not lacking sleep. I hope that by the next time we speak I will be cheerfully back into my productive and restful routine and ready for the new school year!

7. Relax and be happy!

Another yes! Overall, I do feel like I’ve really made time for myself to recharge. At certain times my neighbours and people in the street have made getting enough sleep a bit of a challenge, but I am getting more used to their noisiness now and so with that and the nights thankfully coming in I’m finding it easier once again to go to bed at what I consider a good hour!

I’m pretty satisfied with how much of these I achieved. I really did try to keep it realistic so I actually had a shot at doing as many as possible. I hope you found today’s blog at least mildly interesting, and I’ll see you in two weeks for another catch up!


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