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16th October 2023

Hello again. For the short term, I am just going to set myself the goal of one blog post a month. I have had too much going on and done far too little art for bi-weekly posts to be realistic. A lot has happened since I last posted on here and I am not really sure where to begin! I had intended to write a post in September about my trip to some art galleries in London, but as it has not materialised yet I have changed my plan to include my favourite artworks from the trip in an end-of-year December post that will summarise my favourite and most exciting artworks/visits of the year.

In mid-September I started a new masters degree. Now, at the start of October, I have begun the process of dropping out. There are multiple reasons why I have decided to do this, financial and otherwise, but the main thing is: I am leaving education. I am leaving education, what a scary statement. This means I am officially trying to make it on my own. I am hoping that this will be good for me however.

Making it on my own means using the next year to build up my portfolio, apply for any and all opportunities, focusing on learning a little more about business, marketing and how to actually find an audience that wants, and has the financial capacity, to purchase my work. It means taking the plunge and having confidence in my work, ideas and abilities. It means working enough hours that I can do basic things like: eat, pay rent, use my heating, whilst having enough time to actual do some art (alongside all the dull admin things). It is scary, but I feel cautiously optimistic (most the time!!!)

For now, taking the plunge looks like launching my Christmas campaign! By clicking onto my website, you should have already seen a Christmas ad pop up. Prints are available until December 11th and Original paintings are available until November 26th. Space paintings can be purchased via my UK Artists account or directly from me. Prints are also available from UK Artists, or you can message me directly with your interest. Both items will cost slightly more if purchased through UK Artists as they take a commission from the sale. (Anything purchased after these dates may not be sent until the new year.)

After Christmas I am considering opening up commissions, but this will only be possible as and when I can achieve an acceptable work-art balance. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Today’s post is just a short one; just a catch-up on what is going on in my life. I hope to see you in November, when we will see how post-education life is treating me! Until then…

Stay curious and creative!


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